Pokétown is a New York City kitchen serving the freshest poke seafood with the only the best ingredients and spices inspired by the diversity of people and culture. Our Hawaiian fusion cuisine is made to your order every time and served right before your eyes. Our dishes are sourced from the freshest and highest quality ingredients we can find, cleaned, cut and prepared to meet the highest standards of quality of seafood. But beyond the quality we guarantee with every poke dish we serve at Pokétown bowl, we promise to deliver an affordable poké experience.

“Welcome to Pokétown! We look forward to having you. Ohana means family!”

Our poké is made with sashimi-grade seafood. Wild-caught and sustainably sourced whenever possible. Mixed with the highest quality rice, produce and ingredients.

We know what it’s like to work hard, have family and friends to care about, on top of the stressful day-to-day. At Pokétown, we hope to offer a small piece of paradise during lunch and dinner so that, for a moment, we can leave our worries to the side and take some time to relax and smile.